Friday, June 20, 2008

I got my macbook last Tuesday. I haven't gotten so excited about any electronics in a while. When I started out on Tuesday, it was a little bit frustrating. Realized that seven years of using Microsoft has dampened my intuition for these kind of things. Played with the shell today. Nostalgic about my programming days years ago. 
I am curious to find out how I will look at mac OS a few months or years down the line. Will I be one of those mac fanatics who wonder how their caveman ancestors lived their life without mac or will I detest making the change? I will quite never be a fanatic. I don't seem to miss computers or mobile phones all that much: quite the contrary. As for the latter it needs to be found out!
On a different note! Sometimes I wonder with all these electronics born to make life faster we still leave work at 530 (being optimistic). What's all the fuss about?

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Sanjay said...

hi darwin
this is sanjay kidambi from i house. Im in Singapore today and tomorrow (tuesday nov 4th). Ping me back, we can hopefully meet up if you are free or catch on phone.